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Marco Randria - Composer


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About Marco

With his expert ear for sound, mood, and atmosphere, Marco Randria brings out
the magic in every film, game, or show that he works on. Music speaks to the
audience’s deepest emotions, and no one knows how to maximize this impact
better than Marco.

Born in France and currently based in Prague, Marco has dedicated his adult life
to music. He studied the work of legendary composers while earning his
certification from Boston’s prestigious Berklee College Of Music, while
incorporating atmospheric post rock and world/ethnic music into his repertoire.

As a result of his intensive studies he has a deep library of sounds to draw from
to fit any project.

“My goal is to help artists transcend their creations with my music,” Marco says.
“I like to blend different genres to make a unique and custom tailored

Marco has been composing professionally for over five years, and is looking
forward to lending his unique talents to a wide array of projects. He is an
openminded, creative professional capable of taking any project to the next

Marco Randria - Composer

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